Gunoengan putroe phang.

This park was founded because Sultan Iskandar Muda really liked Putroe Phang, lending his daughters to feel at home in the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam. The Sultan used his reign to build unique and sturdy buildings.

Gunoengan was founded during the time of Sultan Iskandar Muda in the 1607–1636 century or in the 16th century. Behind its splendor, it turns out that Gunongan has a story. In the past, Sultan Iskandar Muda won during the war with the Sultanate of Johor and finally the Kingdom of Johor and the Kingdom of Pahang in the northern Malay Peninsula could be controlled.

One of the customs was that the kingdom had to receive annual taxes, up to the kingdom to be brought as a sign of submission. Putri Pahang who is the wife of Sultan Iskandar Muda misses her hometown.

Her hometown itself consisted of hills, of course, because of the longing that caused the princess to always ask the young sultan Iskandar to return to her hometown.

Because the sultan really liked Putroe Phang, the Sultan finally decided to build a park to play Putroe Phang. Now we are with the name Taman Sari. The Sultan also built Gunoengan and made hills like Putroe’s hometown.



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